eng: like

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antonymeng: antithesis
antonymeng: dislike
antonymeng: hate
antonymeng: opposite
antonymeng: pet peeve
antonymeng: unlike
etymological origin ofeng: likewise
etymologically relatedeng: alike
etymologically relatedeng: likeness
etymologyang: lician
has derived formeng: dislike
has derived formeng: feel like
has derived formeng: likable
has derived formeng: like like
has derived formeng: like-for-like
has derived formeng: liked
has derived formeng: likes
has derived formeng: liking
has derived formeng: look like
has derived formeng: seem like
has derived formeng: sound like
has derived formeng: would like
lexical categoryadjective
lexical categoryadverb
lexical categoryconjunction
lexical categoryinterjection
lexical categorynoun
lexical categoryparticle
lexical categorypreposition
lexical categorypronoun
lexical categoryverb
semantically relatedeng: alike
semantically relatedeng: as follows
semantically relatedeng: as
semantically relatedeng: audient
semantically relatedeng: every bit
semantically relatedeng: heed
semantically relatedeng: homogeneous
semantically relatedeng: in the same vein
semantically relatedeng: namely
semantically relatedeng: same
semantically relatedeng: scilicet
semantically relatedeng: that is to say
semantically relatedeng: to wit
semantically relatedeng: viz.
semantically relatedeng: w:William Faulkner
synonymeng: analogous
synonymeng: fancy
synonymeng: favorite
synonymeng: favourite
synonymeng: for example
synonymeng: go
synonymeng: ilk
synonymeng: obverse
synonymeng: preference
synonymeng: relish
synonymeng: such as
translationara: استمطع
translationara: حب
translationara: مثل
translationarz: زي
translationase: Open8@NearChest-PalmBack 8@FromChest-PalmBack
translationbre: evel
translationcat: agradar
translationcat: com
translationces: jak
translationces: jako
translationces: líbit se
translationces: mít rád
translationcmn: 喜欢
translationcmn: 喜歡
translationcmn: 相像
translationcym: fel
translationdan: kan lide
translationdan: som
translationdan: synes om
translationdeu: Vorliebe
translationdeu: gefallen
translationdeu: gern haben
translationdeu: gleich
translationdeu: mögen
translationdeu: seinesgleichen
translationdeu: wie
translationegy: mỉ
translationegy: m
translationell: μ'αρέσει
translationell: μου αρέσει
translationell: σαν
translationell: όπως
translationeng: :w:Thomas Carlyle
translationeng: as if
translationeng: as though
translationeng: favor
translationeng: for example
translationeng: similar
translationeng: w:Lewis Carroll
translationepo: ŝati
translationepo: ami
translationepo: havi
translationepo: kiel
translationepo: kvazaŭ
translationepo: plaĉi al
translationepo: prefero
translationepo: simila
translationfas: دوست داشتن
translationfil: magustohan
translationfin: kuten
translationfin: niinku
translationfin: pitää
translationfra: aimer
translationfra: comme
translationfra: genre
translationfra: pareil
translationfra: plaire à
translationfra: préférence
translationfry: lykas
translationgle: is maith le
translationhin: पसंद करना
translationhun: kedvel
translationhun: mint
translationhun: szeret
translationhye: դուր գալ
translationhye: ինչպես
translationhye: հավանել
translationhye: նման
translationhye: սիրել
translationido: prizar
translationido: quale
translationita: come
translationita: piacere a
translationita: preferenza
translationita: simile
translationjpn: すき
translationjpn: のように
translationjpn: 好む
translationkaz: ұнату
translationkor: 비슷한
translationkor: 좋아하다
translationkur: حه‌زلێبوون
translationkur: حه‌زلێکردن‌
translationkur: وه‌ک
translationkur: پێخۆشبوون
translationlit: lyg
translationlit: patikti
translationnld: als
translationnld: dat soort dingen
translationnld: evenknie
translationnld: favoriet
translationnld: gelijk
translationnld: gelijkaardige dingen
translationnld: gelijkaardigheden
translationnld: graag hebben
translationnld: graag lusten
translationnld: graag zien
translationnld: houden van
translationnld: leuk vinden
translationnld: lijkend op
translationnld: lusten
translationnld: voorkeur
translationnld: zoals
translationnor: lik
translationnor: like
translationnor: som
translationnor: synes om
translationpol: jak
translationpol: lubić
translationpor: como
translationpor: gostar de
translationpor: gostar
translationpor: gosto
translationpor: semelhante
translationpor: tipo
translationron: plăcea
translationrus: как
translationrus: любить
translationrus: нравиться
translationrus: похожий
translationrus: типа
translationslv: kot
translationspa: como
translationspa: gustar
translationspa: semejante
translationswe: gilla
translationswe: lik
translationswe: like
translationswe: liksom
translationswe: såsom
translationswe: som
translationswe: tycka om
translationswe: typ
translationswe: vilja
translationtel: ఇష్టము
translationtel: ఇస్టపడు
translationtel: లాంటి
translationtha: ชอบ
translationtur: hoşlanmak
translationtur: sevmek
translationvie: thích
translationzho: 相像


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