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etymological origin ofeng: brushmark
etymological origin ofeng: lapmark
etymological origin ofeng: markable
etymological origin ofeng: metalmark
etymological origin ofeng: mismark
etymological origin ofgle: marc
etymological origin oftpi: mak
etymologically relatedeng: on one's mark
etymologyang: mearc
has derived formeng: Plimsoll mark
has derived formeng: X marks the spot
has derived formeng: beauty mark
has derived formeng: bench-mark
has derived formeng: birthmark
has derived formeng: black mark
has derived formeng: bookmark
has derived formeng: certification mark
has derived formeng: chatter mark
has derived formeng: check mark
has derived formeng: chop mark
has derived formeng: cue mark
has derived formeng: diacritical mark
has derived formeng: exclamation mark
has derived formeng: full marks
has derived formeng: funnel mark
has derived formeng: gas mark
has derived formeng: hash mark
has derived formeng: high-water mark
has derived formeng: laundry mark
has derived formeng: leave one's mark
has derived formeng: make one's mark
has derived formeng: man-mark
has derived formeng: mark down
has derived formeng: mark my words
has derived formeng: mark out
has derived formeng: mark time
has derived formeng: mark up
has derived formeng: mark-down
has derived formeng: mark-up
has derived formeng: marked
has derived formeng: marker
has derived formeng: marking
has derived formeng: marks
has derived formeng: markstone
has derived formeng: miss the mark
has derived formeng: off the mark
has derived formeng: on your marks
has derived formeng: press-mark
has derived formeng: punctuation mark
has derived formeng: question mark
has derived formeng: quotation mark
has derived formeng: remark
has derived formeng: ripple mark
has derived formeng: scuff mark
has derived formeng: sea mark
has derived formeng: service mark
has derived formeng: strawberry mark
has derived formeng: stress mark
has derived formeng: stretch mark
has derived formeng: tempo mark
has derived formeng: trade mark
has derived formeng: vaccination mark
has derived formeng: wide of the mark
lexical categorynoun
lexical categoryverb
semantically relatedeng: accord
semantically relatedeng: arc
semantically relatedeng: coordinated
semantically relatedeng: design
semantically relatedeng: drawing
semantically relatedeng: eikon
semantically relatedeng: figure
semantically relatedeng: illustration
semantically relatedeng: irenicon
semantically relatedeng: level
semantically relatedeng: likeness
semantically relatedeng: map
semantically relatedeng: pattern
semantically relatedeng: photograph
semantically relatedeng: picture
semantically relatedeng: portraiture
semantically relatedeng: principle
semantically relatedeng: reconcile
semantically relatedeng: resemblance
semantically relatedeng: semblance
semantically relatedeng: similarity
semantically relatedeng: year
synonymeng: betoken
synonymeng: imperfection
synonymeng: live one
synonymeng: pigeon
synonymeng: quarry
synonymeng: sucker
synonymeng: write
translationang: mæl
translationang: mǣl
translationara: أشّر
translationbos: marka
translationcat: anotar
translationcat: apuntar
translationcat: marca
translationcat: marcar
translationcat: qualificar
translationdeu: Mark
translationdeu: Note
translationdeu: Zeichen
translationdeu: decken
translationdeu: kennzeichnen
translationdeu: korrigieren
translationdeu: markieren
translationeng: likeness
translationeng: notice
translationeng: scratch
translationest: hindama
translationest: hinne
translationest: märge
translationest: mark
translationest: tähistama
translationfin: Saksan markka
translationfin: arvosana
translationfin: arvostella
translationfin: jälki
translationfin: korjata
translationfin: läiskä
translationfin: markka
translationfin: merkitä
translationfin: merkki
translationfin: muisti
translationfin: naarmu
translationfin: naarmuttaa
translationfin: numero
translationfin: saksanmarkka
translationfin: tahra
translationfin: tahrata
translationfra: corriger
translationfra: marc
translationfra: mark
translationfra: marque
translationfra: marquer
translationfra: note
translationfra: noter
translationfra: pièce
translationfra: score
translationfra: signe
translationfra: tacher
translationfra: trace
translationgla: comharraich
translationheb: סימן
translationheb: ציון
translationhrv: marka
translationhun: megjelöl
translationhye: գնահատական
translationhye: թվանշան
translationhye: մարկ
translationhye: միավոր
translationhye: նշան
translationita: macchia
translationita: macchiare
translationita: marcare
translationita: marco
translationita: moneta
translationita: punteggio
translationita: segno
translationita: voto
translationjpn: 成績
translationkor: 표를
translationnld: aanduiden
translationnld: aanduiding
translationnld: bevlekken
translationnld: blaam
translationnld: mark
translationnld: markeren
translationnld: markering
translationnld: neerpennen
translationnld: nota nemen
translationnld: noteren
translationnld: opschrijven
translationnld: optekenen
translationnld: punt
translationnld: score
translationnld: teken
translationnld: verbeteren
translationpor: indicar
translationpor: mancha
translationpor: marcar
translationpor: marco
translationpor: nota
translationron: marcă
translationron: notă
translationron: pată
translationron: scor
translationron: semn
translationron: urmă
translationrus: знак
translationrus: марка
translationrus: маркировать
translationslv: označiti
translationslv: oznaka
translationslv: zaznamovati
translationspa: anotar
translationspa: apuntar
translationspa: calificación
translationspa: calificar
translationspa: mancha
translationspa: marca
translationspa: marcar
translationspa: marco
translationspa: nota
translationspa: punto
translationswa: alama
translationswa: maki
translationswe: D-mark
translationswe: Punktmarkera
translationswe: lägga märke till
translationswe: märka upp
translationswe: märka
translationswe: märke
translationswe: mark
translationswe: rätta
translationzho: 标记
variant:orthographyeng: marke
variant:orthographyeng: merk


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