eng: to

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antonymeng: ajar
etymological origin ofeng: wine and dine
etymologically relatedeng: into
has derived formeng: going to
has derived formeng: got to
has derived formeng: have to
has derived formeng: ought to
has derived formeng: supposed to
has derived formeng: used to
has derived formeng: want to
lexical categoryadverb
lexical categoryconjunction
lexical categoryparticle
lexical categorypreposition
misspellingeng: too
synonymeng: in order to
synonymeng: shut
translationara: الى
translationara: عَلى
translationcat: -ar
translationcat: -r
translationcat: -re
translationcat: a
translationcat: cap a
translationces: -i
translationces: -t
translationces: -ti
translationces: do
translationces: k
translationces: ke
translationces: ku
translationdan: at
translationdan: til
translationdeu: -en
translationdeu: an
translationdeu: hoch
translationdeu: in
translationdeu: nach
translationdeu: vor
translationdeu: zu
translationell: με
translationell: προς
translationeng: at
translationepo: al
translationfas: بِه
translationfas: تَن
translationfas: دَن
translationfin: vaille
translationfra: -er
translationfra: -ir
translationfra: -re
translationfra: à
translationfry: nei
translationgla: do
translationgla: gu
translationgla: ri
translationgle: chuig
translationgle: chun
translationgle: do
translationheb: אל
translationhun: -hoz
translationhun: felé
translationhye: -ալ
translationhye: -ել
translationhye: դեպի
translationido: a
translationido: ad
translationina: a
translationind: hingga
translationind: ke
translationind: kepada
translationind: sampai
translationita: -are
translationita: -ere
translationita: -ire
translationita: a
translationita: in
translationita: per
translationjpn: まで
translationkor: 으로
translationlat: -āre
translationlat: -ēre
translationlat: -īre
translationlat: -are
translationlat: -ere
translationlat: -ire
translationlat: ad
translationlit: į
translationmkd: да
translationmlt: għal
translationmlt: lejn
translationmlt: lil
translationmlt: lil-
translationmlt: lill-
translationnld: aan
translationnld: met
translationnld: naar
translationnld: te
translationnld: tegen
translationnor: å
translationnor: til
translationnov: a
translationpol: do
translationpor: a
translationpor: com
translationpor: para
translationron: a
translationron: către
translationron: cu
translationron: la
translationron: spre
translationrus: -еть
translationrus: -ить
translationrus: -ять
translationrus: к
translationrus: на
translationsco: tae
translationslv: k
translationslv: proti
translationspa: -ar
translationspa: -er
translationspa: -ir
translationspa: a
translationsqi: për të
translationswe: att
translationswe: med
translationswe: mot
translationswe: till
translationtel: -కి
translationtel: -కు
translationtur: -a
translationtur: -e
translationtur: -ya
translationtur: -ye


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